Managing Content: 5 Steps to make the most of your Wetu Enhanced Listing

Congratulations on taking a vital step towards revolutionizing your Content Management and Distribution! We want to make sure that you get the most out of your listing with us and have put together a 5 step system to guide you.

This functionality is available for all Enhanced Listings

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Step 1: Content Content Content
Step 2: Increase your Content Rating 
Step 3: Managing your Content 
Step 4: Distribute your Content 
Step 5: Keep your Listing Updated

Step 1: Content Content Content

Without content, your listing will not be effective or useful. It is very important that you invest time into your listing. Fill it with as much up-to-date and exciting content as possible.

To assist with correctly filling in your information, please have a look at this document.

Step 2: Increase your Content rating

Once you get the hang of filling the different sections of your Enhanced listing, it is important to try to get your listing rating as close to 100% as possible. Here are some tips on how content is rated. 

Step 3: Managing your Content

We understand that you put time and effort into having great content. Unfortunately, this content is often scattered, and not easily accessible to everyone in your organization. That is where Wetu really helps.

This listing provides you with a centralised content hub where anyone in your organization can access and use it. The marketing manager simply has to make sure that the best content is always in Wetu, and let everyone in the organisation know where to access it.

Step 4: Distribute your Content

After taking the time to load your content, you should make the most of it! Distributing your iBrochure or Digital Catalogue can be very simple. Here are some tips:

  1. Make sure everyone in your sales and marketing team knows about your iBrochures / Digital Catalogue
  2. Send it to all of your Operators and Agents telling them this is your latest content and this is where they can access it
  3. Add a hyperlink of your iBrochure/Digital Catalogue to your email signatures (we’ve made snazzy buttons that you can use as well)
  4. Add this link to your fact sheets, booking forms, newsletter etc.
  5. Finally, share the link on Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

Wetu is a powerful platform and many of our clients do not always take advantage of all our functions – we send regular tips on different ways you can use the Wetu system.

Step 5: Keep your listing updated

Simple, but vital! You try very hard to make sure the Trade is aware of your updates, and when they see that your content is outdated in Wetu, they are less likely to use it. You want the people selling your product to have your best, most up to date content enabling them to correctly represent your product.

Wetu has made the system simple to use and update, so you have no excuse not to update your listing. In addition to that, when you update your listing, all of the Wetu tools attached to it (iBrochure, Digital Catalogue, Facebook App, Content Widget, etc.) will automatically update. You never have to worry about outdated content again.

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