Adding Content: How do I add Content to an Accommodation listing

Being able to add content to your listing is an essential part of managing your content in Wetu. You are able to load all the relevant details to describe your services. Wetu content is live. This means that, as you update the details in your Wetu listing, any platform you have your listing linked to will update automatically - this includes our Content Portal, any Itineraries your listing is featured in, and 3rd party websites. 

This option is available on all Supplier Listings (Free and iBrochures). The content sections vary according to which package tier you are on. You can see this on your dashboard.

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Getting Started 
Product Information
Copy & Paste Function

General Content

In this article, we will focus on the product-specific sections of adding content. For guidance on adding content for standard features applicable to all types of listings, please refer to the articles below:

Getting Started

Once your listing or listings have been linked to your account, you will find them under Your Content (at the bottom of your Dashboard - depending on the functions available on your Dashboard, you might have to scroll down to see it).

Note: If you have an iBrochure (Enhanced Listing), it will appear under  Your Enhanced Listings. Free Listings will appear under Your Listings.

Click on the product listed under Name or Edit to update your listing. When you click Edit a new window will open with a menu on the left for you to add all of your content.

If you click on View Below View Map you can see where your product is located on the Wetu Map.

For iBrochures, the link will also be available for you to copy. This is the link you use when distributing your iBrochure. 

Wetu Suggests: Should your iBrochure not be activated, refer to this article to add content to your Free Listing.

Product Information

Fast Facts
In this section you are able to add some facts about your accommodation, as well as add in star ratings, the number of rooms and check-in and check-out times. Tour Operators and Agents using Wetu can search for accommodations using this information, e.g. properties with 5 star ratings

Room Types and Unit/Villa Types

Select Room Types or Unit/Villa Types from the menu on the left-hand side and a new window will appear, in which you to add your room Name as well as a Room Description

Once you click Save, the following options will appear:

Add New Image
Allows you to  upload images from your computer. 

No of Rooms
Add the number of rooms available for this specific room type.

Once you have added your first room, select Add New Room and a new section will appear where you can add the next Room Type. You can add as many Room Types as you need.

Note:  A Room Type allows you to add rates on a per person basis or a per unit basis. Adding a Unit/Villa only allows for a per unit basis. 

When you click on Facilities a new window will appear with checkboxes which you can use to indicate what Facilities your property offers.

Activities and Restaurants
When you click on the Activities or Restaurant sections, a new window will appear where you are able to add in an activity or restaurant offered by your accommodation. Once you click Save, you will be able to add images by clicking Add New Images

Once you have added your first Restaurant or Activity, select the Add New Activity Option and a new section will appear where you can add the next Restaurant or Activity. You can add as many as you need.

These sections are intended for you to add activities and restaurant at your accommodation only. Tour Operators and Travel Agents are able to use these details in the itineraries. 


Rate Season
If you have rates for specific seasons that you want to display in your iBrochure, you can add them under Rate Season

Select Rate Season in the menu to under Rates. This will open a window where you can add your Rate Seasons by clicking Add New Pricing Season. A Pricing Season section appears. Fill in your Rate Season Name and add the season period by specifying From and To dates. Click Save to create the next Rate Season.


In this section, you are able to define Rates per Room Type for the Rate Seasons you have just set up.

Note: You need to enter your Room Types in the Product Information section and Rate Seasons in the Rates section before you can edit Rate per Room Type per Season here.

Note: The first section is Rate per Room Type per Person Sharing. Scroll down for Rates per Room Type per Single.

Select the currency you would like your rates to be displayed in from the list provided. 

Here you have the option to add the rate details to each room which will be displayed along each row. The various Rate Seasons you have loaded will be displayed above the columns. 

This is where you will add any booking conditions for the specified Room Type rates.

Here you are able to indicate what is included in the Room Type Rate.

Copy & Paste Function

The Copy & Paste functionality enables you to easily and effectively copy and paste rate amounts between rate seasons within the Update Form
How to Copy & Paste

Ensure the Room Types and Rate Seasons have been added. 

To copy one Rate Season rates to another Rate Season:

Click on the 3 dots above the Rate Season whose rates you want to copy. Select Copy from the drop down menu which appears. You can then paste those rates to any other Rate Season. To do this, click the 3 dots above the Rate Season that you want to paste to and select paste from the drop down menu.

As soon as you paste, a green undo button will appear above the Rate Season you pasted to. Undo will revert any change back to the original state.

Note : You cannot undo once you've saved.

To clear all the amounts for a rate season:

Click on the 3 dots above the Rate Season whose rates you want to clear. Select Clear from the drop down menu which appears. Selecting Clear will remove all amounts added and display zero for that rate season. As soon as you clear, a green undo button will appear above the Rate Season you cleared. Undo will revert any change back to the original state.


You are able to add written directions that operators are then able to stitch together when building Itineraries. Refer to the article  Adding Directions to your Listing for further details on this.


You can add splash and cover images to your iBrochure. Refer to Adding Content: Splash and Cover Images for further details on this.

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