Itinerary Builder: What is the difference between a Personal and Sample Itinerary?

In this article, we will explain the main differences between Personal and Sample Itinerary and highlight some fields that can only be found in their perspective itinerary type. 

This functionality is available for all Operator Packages

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Getting Started

From your Dashboard, select 'Itinerary Builder' to begin building your Itineraries.

The screen that opens will have the option to create a 'New Personal Itinerary' or a 'New Sample Itinerary'.

Sample Itineraries

These are Itineraries that you will build with no particular traveller in mind, such as packages. These are Itineraries that you can include on your website or example Itineraries that you can send out to clients to show what options you have available. These Itineraries exclude specific details like traveller names and or travel dates. 

Some fields that are unique to Sample Itineraries:

Group Size 
This is where you would be able to indicate how many travellers this package can accommodate if it is a group tour.

Scheduled Departures
This is a great way for you to plan your travel packages with set departure dates should you be offering the trip throughout the year or seasonally. The How do I add a scheduled departure user guide will provide you with more information on how to work with this functionality. 

Personal Itineraries 

These are built with a specific traveller or travellers in mind. These Itineraries can be built while still in the proposal and quoting phase, all the way to the final proposal sent to the client. Based on the detail that you enter in the Builder, the outputs will display accordingly and so the outputs will evolve as your booking does. These Itineraries will include additional details such as dates, room types, and names.

Below we highlight some fields that can be used in Personal Itineraries:

Client Name
Here you will add the name of the group or the lead traveler that has enquired about the trip

Client Email
Add your clients' email address here to either keep as a record or to prepopulate the Email Client Link functionality on Step 6

Use this section to stop the contact number of your client so it is easily available to you.

Traveller Names
This is where you can list the names of all of the travellers on this trip.

Room Configuration
This room configuration set the default room configuration for this itinerary. In the Accommodation Step, you will be able to set the room configuration per accommodation.

Travel Dates
This will allow you to specify the exact travel dates for this trip.

Copy Itineraries

You are able to take an Existing Personal Itinerary and copy it as a Sample Itinerary or vice versa. To do this, click on desired itinerary type under 'Existing Itineraries'.

Click on the Itinerary you want to copy, and select Copy as Sample/Personal.

You can then edit the Sample Itinerary to your liking. Similarly, you can copy an Existing Sample Itinerary as a Personal Itinerary, and personalise it for a client. 

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