Accommodation: How to Load a Hike or Trek

In this article, we will be exploring how you can go about creating comprehensive hiking expeditions and how you will be able to ensure that the routing is complete. 

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Getting Started
Adding all of the Overnight Stops
Building the Route
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Getting Started

In order to ensure that you will be able to map out the hiking route in the Route Builder, you will need to ensure that you have added all of the campsites/accommodation your travelers will overnight in the Accommodation Step.

Adding all of the Overnight Stops

To add accommodation to an itinerary click on the 'Accommodation' icon. Start typing in the name of the campsite or accommodation in the text field and a drop-down menu will appear from which you will need to select your property.

Note: If you find that the property/campsite you are looking for is not there, contact  so that it can be added.

The How do I add Accommodation user guide will assist you with the more specific details such as configuring room types and adding your meals. 

Once all of the overnight stops have been added to your itinerary, you can proceed to the Route Builder step to start building in the exact route that you need. 

Building the Route

In this step of building your great trek, you will need to start mapping out the route, this can be done by selecting the mode of transport 'Hike' from the drop-down menu. 

Fixed Route List - Hike
Once selected, Wetu will populate a 'Fixed Route List - Hike' which will have a couple of predefined hiking routes that we have built in the past. You will be able to make use of these should the hiking route you are building be available in this list. 

Should the route not be available in the predefined list of routes, you have three options available:

Custom Route
Custom Routes will enable you to map out your own specific routes for the hike by dropping points to build the route. 

The 'Custom Route Builder' will pop up which will allow you to customise the route needed for the Itinerary. To begin customising the route, you can immediately start clicking on the map and your route will start to take shape. Select 'Remove Last Point' to undo your last action or clear all custom points by clicking on 'Clear All Points'.

Wetu Suggests: You can zoom in and out to make your markers closer together if there is a very specific route you are trying to build. You can also add as many points as necessary to get your drawn route as accurate as possible.

Google Routes
This would probably be the easiest and fastest method of building your hiking routes as it will be using Google Routes to map out the fastest route between each of your overnight stops.

Note: If the Google Route button is not visible it is because Google was not able to find any routes between the stops and you will need to either proceed with building a Custom Route or use the option Hike (No Route).

Hike (No Route)
This option will enable you to indicate that your travelers will be traveling between the indicated stops, however, the specific route will not be indicated but rather a direct line will be drawn to indicate the travel path.

This would most like be the best option should there be no routes available via Google Routes or the Custom Routes option is too time-consuming to create.

Once you have completed building your hiking routes, you can finish up the rest of your itinerary by working within the Planner, Review, and Additional Details Steps. These three steps follow the normal itinerary building process.

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