Publishable Tours: How to Build a Day Tour

The Day Tour Builder allows you to create content-rich and interactive tours within Wetu. The Day Tour Builder is where you will create, edit and manage your publishable tours in Wetu. Once you have completed building a tour, a link is generated for you to either send to your client or use as you wish. You're also able to publish your tours for other operators within Wetu to have direct access to your tours at their convenience as they build itineraries. 

The Day Tour Builder is available on the Digital Enterprise and Day Tour Packages. Availability may vary depending on your account options.

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Getting Started
Step 1: Itinerary Details
Step 2: Planner
Step 3: Route Builder
Step 4: Additional Details
Publish a Day Tour
Unpublish a Day Tour

Getting Started

Think of your Dashboard as your home base. Depending on your account type, from your dashboard click on either 'Day Tour Builder' or 'Itinerary Builder' to begin building your customised multiple day tours.

Under 'Create Publishable Tours' select Day Tours. Refer to the article What is the difference between Day and Multiple Day Tours to learn more. 

Step 1: Itinerary Details

The Itinerary Details Step is where you will input basic tour details. The Day Tour Builder is designed to allow you to build tours quickly so the only mandatory field is 'Itinerary Name' and the rest you enter as and when you have the details. 

Note:  Any field left blank while you’re building a tour will simply drop away from the outputs, and it won’t look as if you’ve omitted anything. As you complete the fields, they will get added to the tour.

Reference Number
Add your reference number here. This will display on the itinerary and will allow operator consultants to search using the reference number when adding Day Tours into their Itineraries. 

Choose the Theme you would like to add to your Day Tour. Refer to these documents to assist you with Themes. 

Select from a list of your prebuilt Identities to change the contact information and logo of your Day Tour. This is ideal when you are sending on to an agent for resale. These documents will explain Identities further.

Select the language of the itinerary

Group Size
Here you can add any minimum or maximum numbers of guests you may have.

Price, Includes, Excludes
Fill in the Price as well as any Includes and Excludes for the tour.

Additional Details
Add any additional details you would like to inform the client of. You could use this section to inform them of any suggested packing or preparations that may be required.  

Any details that you enter in the 'Price', 'Price Includes', 'Price Excludes' and 'Additional Details' tabs will be saved as you move through the tabs and any text entered will be indicated by a small red dot notification. 

Departure and Return Times and Duration
Fill in the times available for the departure and return if you have set times available. If you offer custom tours you could leave these sections blank and fill in the duration. 

Departure and Return Points
If you have specific locations where you start and end your tour fill these in. If you collect the client from their hotel you could specify this here. 

Tour Languages
If you offer the tour in various languages, list them here for the client to see. 

Special Interests
Add anything extra about your tour. If your tour includes and specific activities or interests other than the activities included. Simply type and press enter or the '+' sign.

Note: As you move from step to step in the Day Tour Builder, it will automatically save the details you’ve inserted. For your own peace of mind, there are two save options on the top right corner of the Builder. For example, you might use the 'Save & Exit' option if you are going to a meeting and have not finished a page, but will return later. 

To continue, click on Step 2 'Planner' or 'Next Step' at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Planner

The Planner Step is where you will enter the activity details for the Day Tour. 

Click on 'Activity' or the section marked [Click to add an activity] to add activities as well as sites or attractions. Simply type the name of the service.  As you start typing, a drop-down menu will appear with options to select. Be sure to click on the name of the activity you want to select. If the activity or attraction you are looking for is not listed, you can add Free Text to create your own activity option. 

Meet and Greet
Meet & Greet allows you to add in the details of the person meeting the client as well as any specific details surrounding this. By selecting 'Meet & Greet' a window will open where you can either insert your details manually or use a Meet & Greet preloaded in your account. For more information take a look at this document. 

Select either a period of time (Morning, Afternoon, etc.) or select the clock and load an exact time if the service is confirmed. 

Inclusion Type
Select an Inclusion Type for the service:

Planned: This is an included service
Recommended: This is something that you recommend the client does, that is not included in the itinerary
Optional: Any Activity that is an optional add on
Information: Any details added for information purposes only

You can also sequence the details by using the green arrow to drag and drop the various services into the correct order. This is the order they will appear on the various outputs as well. Delete a service by checking the box beside it and click 'Delete Item' at the bottom of the services.

Step 3: Route Builder

The Route Builder is where you plan the routing of the tour; whether your clients will be transferred from place to place or driving themselves, this is where you indicate those arrangements.   

When you navigate to the Route Builder, the system will automatically add a drop-down with all the Activities and Places of Interest from the Planner Step. Now, build the route by selecting the services in the correct order.

Select the mode of transport by clicking on the default 'Self Drive' and selecting from the listed options. Select the icon next to the mode to add more details about the section of travel. 

Should you have self-drive as an option, directions can be edited by selecting the relevant icon on the map. for more details on editing directions, see this document. 

To continue, click on Step '4 Additional Details' or 'Next Step' at the bottom right corner of the builder.

Step 4: Additional Details

The Additional Details step is where you enter the final details of your tour. 

Add a short description of your tour. This displays above the images on the itinerary. 

Full Description
Here you can write a full description, detailing your tour. This will display below the images of your tour.

Add Images
Upload some of your own images for the tour. These will need to be saved on your computer for easy uploading. We suggest using landscape images as these display better in the format. 

Add Documents
Attach any documents you would like to send to your clients. This could be a booking form, an Indemnity form, or the printable version of the itinerary. 

Note: Documents that you attach to the tour will not be available on your printable version.

Now that you have completed building your Day Tour, you can now scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will find your two outputs. 

Printable Day Tour: This will generate a word document of the tour you have created. A pop-up will display with some basic adjustments. Select 'Print Itinerary' and the word document will generate. 
Client Link: This is the link for the digital tour. Select 'Copy' and paste the email into an email for your client. This will open the digital version of the itinerary for them. 

Preview Day Tour: Selecting the eye icon will allow you to preview the itinerary without sending a viewing notification
Viewing Notification: When a client opens an itinerary you will receive an email stating that the itinerary has been opened. This document will explain the function further. 

Note: If you need to make a change to the tour that you’ve just built and sent to your client, all you need to do is edit and save it, and the details in the tour will automatically update. No need to send your client a new link or build the tour all over again.

Publish a Day Tour

If you have got the publishing function on your account, you will see an Orange Publish Option. By publishing your tours, Operators and Agents are able to search and feature your tours into their itineraries by simply selecting from a list of your published tours. You can publish your tours on the Additional Details Step once the tour is complete and ready to be shared. Once you click on 'Publish Tour', a pop up will appear for you to confirm to publish.

Once a Tour is published we recommend no changes are made to the tour. This could cause issues with the Operator and Agent Itineraries. We would suggest you unpublish the Tour and create a new tour (either from scratch or by creating a copy on the Browser Page)

Unpublish a Day Tour

To unpublish a tour, navigate to step 4: Additional Details and select 'Unpublish'. Confirm the pop-up and the tour will be unpublished. You are able to Publish the tour again should you wish to. 

Note: Should you want to use your tours for internal use only, do not publish your tours.
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