Consultant Portal: How the Consultant Portal Works for You

The Consultant Portal is one of the functions designed to make your life easier! The portal shows all Accommodations, Activities and Restaurants that your company has included in Itineraries. Not only can you see the full list of services used, but users with administrative functions are also able to add tags to the services, making it easier to classify them and communicate this information across your company. 

This functionality is available for all Operator Packages

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What it Can be Used for

The Consultant Portal can fill a number of roles within your company: 

Shared Knowledge Base
It stores captured knowledge that is an asset for your company. Site inspection, educational and important notes will be accessible to everyone. For example, consultants returning from site inspections can capture detailed information from their visits (best rooms, facilities, best guides, recommended activities, detailed rating on the service, food, experiences, disability rating, etc.) and any consultant within your company will have instant access to this valuable information.

Training New Staff
As your company's collective information will be captured here, it is a simple and visual way for new staff to get up to speed with product knowledge.

Highlighting Preferred Suppliers
Keep detailed records of preferred suppliers in different areas, with speedy access to their commission and contact details.

Getting Started

Every user has access to view the Consultant Portal. When logging into Wetu, select the Consultant Portal function listed on the Dashboard. 

Alternatively, the Consultant Portal can be accessed directly from the Accommodation Step in the Itinerary Builder.


The Accommodation Tab lists all of the accommodations that you have used within your itineraries. Accommodations that are tagged as preferred suppliers will be at the top of the list with the symbol for your preferred suppliers indicated before the name. The preferred suppliers are set in the  Manage Classifications Section

The Accommodation section can be viewed in either the grid view (above) or in the map view (below). The view can be changed using the toggle on the top right-hand side of the screen. 

Note: Mobile Accommodations and Cruises do not show in the Consultant Portal. Only normal Accommodations show for the time being.

The following information can be used to sort the information on both grid and map view: 

This is the name of the property. If your company has loaded a custom name in the Wetu system, this is the name that will display here. 

This is the destination of the property as loaded in Wetu. If you have customised the destination it will not show in the Consultant Portal, however, the custom destination will show in the itinerary.

This is the name of the country where the accommodation is situated. 

This is the type of accommodation as loaded in Wetu. There is no way to customise this. 

These are your internal ratings created in the Manage Classifications section and assigned in the supplier tags. 

Properties are able to load the closest airports to them. Here you can search by an airport and find the properties that have loaded that airport as being close to them.

The following fields cannot be filtered, however, they allow for quick access to content:

This is the number of rooms in the accommodation, as loaded by the property. 

Child Age
This is the minimum child age of the property. No children under this age are allowed. 

Content Rating
The content rating is a percentage generated by the Wetu system that illustrates how much content is loaded for that property. The higher the number, the more information and images are loaded. This document explains the content rating in detail. 

Comm %
This is the commission percentage for this property. This percentage is managed internally within your company and is not loaded by the property or Wetu. 

The blue iBrochure symbol indicates that this is an Enhanced Listing with an iBrochure that you are able to view and send to your clients. By clicking on the symbol, the iBrochure will open on your computer.

If the document icon is displayed, you are able to access documents for this property, either loaded by the property or your company. The documents will be sorted according to the type of documents which have been uploaded. 

When the special icon is displayed, the property has specials loaded on the Wetu system. By clicking on the icon, a pop-up window will display all of the specials loaded. To book a special, please contact the supplier directly. 

Clicking on the eye will open the content preview pop-up window. By clicking along the icons at the top, you will be able to view the different information loaded for that property. The consultants can only view the information here; any changes need to be made within the  Admin Function

The final option is the telephone icon. When selecting this, a pop-up window will open with all of the contact information loaded for the property. If the Front Desk phone number has been overridden in the Admin Function, this number will display. 

The Accommodations can be further filtered using the handy filtering tool on the right-hand side of the Consultant Portal. 

The following filters are loaded by the Accommodation:

The following filters are  created by your system administrator in the Admin Function, and assigned to the accommodations internally:


The Activity Tab contains all of the Activities you have added to a Wetu itinerary. If an Activity that you need is not on the list, it can be added by quick adding the activity in your admin function, or adding it into a new itinerary. 

Note: Only activities used since the deploy of the new consultant portal will show. All past activities will need to be added to an itinerary again or quick added to the list.

Activities can only be viewed in grid view. The Name, Destination, Country, IB, Content and Contact fields all work in the same manner as the accommodation fields above. 

The different fields are as follows: 

These are the languages spoken by the Activity providers, as loaded by the Activity Providers. 

This is the maximum Group Size as loaded by the Activity Providers. 

These are the opening hours as loaded by the Activity Providers.


The Activities can be further filtered by Facilities, Special Interests, Suitable For and Weather Requirements. These filters are loaded by the Activity Providers. 


The Restaurant Tab contains all of the Restaurants you have added into a Wetu itinerary. If a Restaurant that you need is not on the list, they can be added by quick adding the Restaurant in your admin tab, or by adding it into a new itinerary. 

As with Activities, Restaurants can only be viewed in grid view and not map view. The Name, Destination, Country, Hours, IB, Docs, Content and Contact is the same as with the Accommodations and Activities. 

The different fields are as follows: 

This is the type of restaurant. 

This is the number of guests the restaurant holds. This is normally loaded by the restaurant.

Restaurants can be further filtered by Facilities, Ambiance and Cuisine, as loaded by the restaurant.

Company Documents

On the top right-hand side, select 'Company Docs'. This will open a pop-up window listing all of the documents that are loaded for your company. 

From here Consultants can view and download the documents that are in the system. These are loaded in the Admin Function, by the administrator of the account.  Here is a guide on how to do this. 

Wetu Suggests: This is a great place to store company documents that need to be attached to itineraries. Rather than uploading a document each time you want to send it, you can simply add it to your itinerary.  Here is a guide with further details. 
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