Itinerary Details: Setting up an Itinerary

The Itinerary Details step is the very beginning of the itinerary building process. In this step, you will choose all the settings you require for your itinerary. The only compulsory field on this step is the Itinerary name, and all the rest is optional. 

This functionality varies per Operator Packages 

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Pricing Blocks
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Travellers Names
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Getting Started

Open Itinerary Builder and select to create either a Personal or a Sample Itinerary. Any of the client-specific details discussed in this document are for the personal Itineraries only, however, the others are relevant to both. 

Itinerary settings

Once you create a new itinerary, the only compulsory field on this page is the Itinerary name. Without this, you will not be able to move onto Step 2. 

Itinerary Name
Add the name of the itinerary, this is a descriptive name of the tour

Client Name
Here you will add the name of the group or the lead traveler that has enquired about the trip

Reference Number
Fill in your internal reference or invoice number for the booking. This helps to search for the itinerary once you have completed it. Any documents generated from this itinerary will have the reference as the document name.

Select the Theme you would like to use for this itinerary. For more information on themes, refer to these documents. 

Select the Company details you would like to display on the itinerary. You will be able to select from the list of Identities you have created in your admin account. 

Unique Booking URL
Adding a URL here will divert your clients to this website should they select the "Book Now" option on their itinerary. This document will explain the functionality.

Select the language of the itinerary. The language selected will translate the descriptions of accommodations and services, however, you will need to manually write any free text fields in the language required. See here for more information on Language options and Machine Translations.

Client Email
Add your clients' email address here to either keep as a record or to prepopulate the Email Client Link functionality on Step 6. 

Use this section to stop the contact number of your client so it is easily available to you. 

Pricing Blocks

The Pricing Blocks are tabbed free text fields where you are able to add all the pricing and terms for this booking. Each of these fields has the options for Bold, Italics and Underlined text. You are also able to create a numbered list and bullet points. 

Add any pricing details for the booking here. You are able to add as little or as much information as you would like.

Price Includes and Excludes
Add all of the Includes and Excludes for the whole trip here. In the Planner, you are able to specify the Includes and Excludes for each day or destination depending on your set up. 

T's and C's 
Here you can add any terms and conditions relevant to this itinerary only. For example, a minimum number of travellers, set departure dates or validity dates. 

Special Interests

The Special Interests is a place where you can highlight any specific interest point for the tour. For example, you could add the words; Honeymoon, Cultural Tour, Wildlife, Adventure and more. Simply type the word in the top bar and either press the Plus sign or Enter on your keyboard to add it to the bottom. 

Travellers Names

This is where you can list the names of all of the travellers on this trip. Add the number of Adults and the number of children using the '+' and '- ' symbols. Then Select Enter Names at the top of the block.

A new window will open where you are able to add the names of adult travellers and the name and age of the child travellers. Fill in the names and Pres Save Names. 

Room Configuration

This room configuration set the default room configuration for this itinerary. In the Accommodation Step, you will be able to set the room configuration per accommodation. Use the '+' and '- ' symbols to select the number of each room type required.

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