Adding Content: How do I add Content to an Accommodation listing

You are able to load all the relevant details into your listing. As you update the details in your Enhanced Listing, anywhere that your property displays or where it has been included will automatically update - this includes the Content Portal, Itineraries, and 3rd party websites. 

These options are available in the Enhanced Listing (Gold)

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Getting Started

Once your property or properties hve been linked to your account, you will find them under  Your Content (at the bottom of your Dashboard - you might have to scroll down to see it) as seen in the picture below.  

The link to your iBrochure is found here. Use this link when distributing your iBrochure. 

Click on the  Product Name of your listing (in green) or Edit to update your listing and View to see what it looks like on the Wetu Map. 

A new window will open with a Menu on the left for you to add all of your relevant content. 



All text in your listing must be in the 3rd person – Wetu is for other people to sell your products, so don't use 'we' and 'our'. Also remember that less is more. Most people don't read lengthy descriptions.

There is a separate field for your iBrochure description, this does not need to be different from your primary description in the system.

Note: Save before moving off the Page.  


Images must be hi-res and mostly landscape.  Upload as many as 50 pictures directly from your computer. Tell a story with your pictures which should represent all aspects of your product.

  • A picture says 1000 words – tell stories with your images
  • Upload hi-res images

    Lower end:
    1366 x 768

    2048 x 1365
    Upper end:
    4896 x 2720
  • Upload landscape images rather than portrait images – most screens are twice as wide as they are high
  • The first 3 images show in the Digital Itinerary & Word Doc Itinerary
  • Get into the destination (destination = wildlife, beach, mountains, city etc) – this is mostly why people travel, you won’t believe how many people don’t upload any animal pics for game lodges, the people are not travelling half way round the world for the bathroom
  • To save time select all the images you want to upload for a property into a folder and upload a number at a time (move onto other work while this happens)
  • Use a separate picture (cropped 2:1) for your Splashpage (add under Appearance) – this is the landing page of the iBrochure. If you do not make a specific image as the Splashpage, the image at the top of your image list will automatically be the splash page. 
  • Room images are growing more important in searches so be sure to add images to your Room Types
  • Activities are now linked directly to the itinerary builder and can take more than one image

Note:  Be sure you have permission to use the images and confirm by ticking the 'I confirm that we have permission to use these images' field underneath the Save icon.


You are able to link a video from YouTube.   Note: Please ensure that the YouTube channel you are linking from does not have Google Ads on it as these can advertise a holiday to the other side of the world.  Also check to see that the video you are uploading is not restricted to certain geographies and that it is not set to Private.

Click on Add New YouTube Video and then go to the video on YouTube and copy the url pasting it into field.  Add a Label and Description and hit Save.

Virtual Tours (360s)

These are complicated as, unlike video, there isn't a central player for them like in YouTube.  If you have a Virtual Tour please contact Wetu support to help you add it.  If you are looking for a new Virtual Tour we recommend Google, as this is the easiest way to get your Virtual Tour into as many places as possible - your website, Wetu, other websites and Google Maps.  We can put you in touch with an accredited Google Photographer.

Product Information

Fast Facts

There are a selection of details you can choose from that will display on the iBrochure, as well as on the itineraries that the Operators create through the Wetu system.

Room Types / Unit/Villa Types

Select the  Room Types option from the menu on the left and a new box will appear to fill in your Room Types details.  Be sure to fill in as much information as possible and add relevant images by clicking on the green Add New Image icon to the right.  

Note:  You have to Save a new  Room Types before you can add images to it.  Room images are growing more and more popular on internet searches.

Click on the black  Add New Room icon (at the bottom of page) to add additional rooms.  

Note: Repeat above for Unit Types. 


Select the  Facilities option from the menu on the left and a new page will appear to tick off all of the relevant Facilities pertaining to your property.  Don't just tick everything only the ones that really relate to the property.

Activities and Restaurants

These function in the same way as  Room Types.

General Information

Contact Details 

Add all of your relevant  Contact Details including Facebook Page, twitter handle and GDS codes here.  A very important field is the Front Desk Telephone Number, this is where a client who has an emergency can get hold of the hotel 24/7.

If you have an online reservation system for each of your properties, you can insert that link into your iBrochure by putting the link in the Direct Link to Online Reservation field. If the link is successfully saved, a Book Now button will appear on your iBrochure that will redirect to your online reservation system.

For your Facebook link, please put in the full address. For example For the Twitter link, you only need to put in your Twitter handle, for example andBeyondSafari (and not @andBeyondSafari or

At the bottom of the  Contact Details is your Booking Affiliate link.  

Note: Save before moving off the Page.  


You are able to add written directions that operators are then able to stitch together when building Itineraries - the is a separate  HelpScout doc on this

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