Options: General Settings and Miscellaneous

The Options tab allows you to make changes as an Admin user as well as set your settings to a default of your choice. 

This functionality is available to all Operators who have Admin access

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Getting Started

From your Dashboard, navigate to your Admin tab and select 'Options' to begin. 


This section is compiled of settings that may or may not apply to your account, depending on your Wetu package as well as your preference: 

Show Price/ Included / Excluded in Virtual Itinerary 
For Virtual Packages enabling this will show the price information as well as includes and excludes that you have entered in the Itinerary Builder to display on your Itinerary output. If this setting is not selected, the information entered will not display. For Digital Packages, this will act the same as above, however, on the map page of your itinerary.

Show Optional Accommodation Activities for By Destination Legs 
This function decides how the activities loaded by suppliers will behave in the digital itinerary. There are 3 options: 
Disabled: Activities loaded by the suppliers will have to be manually added to the planner.
Digital Itinerary: Activities loaded by the supplier will automatically display as Optional Activities on the Daily Information tab without being added in the planner.
Digital + Printable Itinerary: The Supplier Activities will now show in both the digital itinerary and the printable itinerary without being added to the planner.

Any Custom Activities you have created in the Supplier Tab in Admin will display. Find out how to create those using this document.

Do Not Show Untranslated Supplier Content
When machine translations are not active on your account, and you have manually added in translations, there may be a situation where you add a supplier, service, destination or country that does not have a translation available. Automatically, the system will show the English description of the content. By activating this, the system will not show the English description and rather leave that description blank. 

Show Country Descriptions Only
By default, the Information tab on the Digital itinerary shows all of the country information on the system. This includes a description and various other options like Currency, Dress, Transport and more. By activating this setting only the Country description will show and not the other sections. This affects the digital itinerary as well as the Country Tab in Admin.

Miscellaneous fees
Here you can add any Miscellaneous fees that you would include in your costing but not in your itinerary. In Step 5. Review you are able to select which of these are relevant for the specific itinerary you are building. These will then be added to the Pricing Sheets generated in Step 6: Additional Details. See this document for further information. 

Default Basis
This will change the default basis for accommodations added to the itinerary builder. 

Override Enquiry Form URL
This setting allows users to add a unique URL to the enquiry button on the itinerary. The How to Add a Unique Booking URL document will provide you with more information on how this feature works. 

Show Covid-19 Notice Documentation
Suppliers are able to add COVID-19 Notifications to their accounts. These automatically show up in the itinerary for your clients. By disabling this option, the notifications will no longer show for your clients. This document will explain more about this function. 

Itinerary Tags

Itinerary Tags enable you to sort your itineraries into various search categories. In admin, you are able to delete the default tags as well as create some new tags that may be more relevant to you and your team. These can then be assigned to an itinerary and used as a filter.

Read this document for more details


In this section, you are able to manage the languages for your Wetu account as well as select if you would like to make use of the machine translations functionality. This document has all the details on managing your languages.

Printable Itinerary Options

This section allows you to manage the Printable Itinerary Settings for your account. There are two main settings in the options Tab.

Select the Printable Version
We have two versions available, namely the Classic and the Contemporary. 

Allow Consultants to Override Print Options
If this is selected, all users for this account can change any of the printable settings except for the version setting. By unselecting it, all users will have to use the default settings selected in Options. 

These two documents will take you through the various settings for each version:

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